Thursday, February 25, 2010

Having a great week...

I having a great week. I picked up a cheap car, which gave me my freedom back! Yeah! I also went to a birthday party for my Grandma, she is 81 -- it was a surprise and she was so happy to see all of her kids and grandkids. My oldest son made the honor roll in school and my youngest has been pretty good too. It has just been a really nice week. The only stress is working on on papers for this class and anatomy. I hope everyone else had a good week too. How is everyone doing with their papers? Mine is still a work in progress, but I guess that is part of the process. I am really getting used to the blogging thing, I kind of enjoy it, if I had more time in the day it would be even better then I wouldn't have to struggle to fit everything in -- and blog. I'm sure everyone else has the same issues.

Have a great week and a fun filled weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Term papers....

I have had a rough week with the term papers due for my classes. I am sure you guys will appreciate my story of the week. I have been feeling really tired, and just wiped out -- so it is starting to take a toll on my life.

So I get up and call to make my son an appointment for an dental cleaning. That was great except -- I called the vet's office. I call and say "I would like to schedule my son for his 6 month check up and cleaning" -- and they laughed thier butts off at me. So with that little laugh -- I thought I should get my head back in the game.

The week has been much funnier than stressful since then. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Anyway I am back on a positive streak in life. I hope everyone else is doing well in classes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another week

So here we are in week 6 of the term. I hate to admit it but I haven't even started on my project for either of my classes. I am starting to panic about that. I have had so much going on in my life, I just can't get a chance to focus on school work. I guess it's just burn out. I used to really look forward to my classes and now I just drag on from one to the next. I am hoping it is just a slump that I can snap out of. I plan on putting in some major hours of work this weekend.

We got two huge snowstorms this week. The first one dumped about 21 inches on us, the second about 18. We are still digging out, schools are still closed.
(except for my oldest son's because he is cyber schooled)

I am so ready for spring. I started looking for places at the beach to stay when we go this summer. I am hoping with a little luck that will pull me out of my blahs and make me forget all the snow!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the good news is....

Yeah, I'm still waiting for the good news -- lol. So the car has been totaled by the insurance company. But don't worry, they are going to give me an enormous $1500 for it! That will buy me a great car. The week has been spent fighting with the insurance company for this great deal. I should have been born rich instead of lucky :)

On the up side of things, I finally found a decent math tutor for my oldest son! I have been searching for the right person ( and the right price) for a few months now. My youngest is going to have off school tomorrow because of the snow so we will be playing all day and that is always fun!

See so I guess there is good news, the best news, my kids and I are not only surviving but still having a great time together. That is what really matters, my guys. We are looking forward to summer vacation so we can all just hang out and do cool family stuff. I can't wait.

I hope all my classmates had a great week! I am looking forward to reading their blogs as well.