Thursday, February 18, 2010

Term papers....

I have had a rough week with the term papers due for my classes. I am sure you guys will appreciate my story of the week. I have been feeling really tired, and just wiped out -- so it is starting to take a toll on my life.

So I get up and call to make my son an appointment for an dental cleaning. That was great except -- I called the vet's office. I call and say "I would like to schedule my son for his 6 month check up and cleaning" -- and they laughed thier butts off at me. So with that little laugh -- I thought I should get my head back in the game.

The week has been much funnier than stressful since then. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Anyway I am back on a positive streak in life. I hope everyone else is doing well in classes.


  1. Oh Dear!
    Yhat is funny! I love it. I am sure that it will all come together! Peer review has been real fun so far...How is the paper going?

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