Thursday, February 25, 2010

Having a great week...

I having a great week. I picked up a cheap car, which gave me my freedom back! Yeah! I also went to a birthday party for my Grandma, she is 81 -- it was a surprise and she was so happy to see all of her kids and grandkids. My oldest son made the honor roll in school and my youngest has been pretty good too. It has just been a really nice week. The only stress is working on on papers for this class and anatomy. I hope everyone else had a good week too. How is everyone doing with their papers? Mine is still a work in progress, but I guess that is part of the process. I am really getting used to the blogging thing, I kind of enjoy it, if I had more time in the day it would be even better then I wouldn't have to struggle to fit everything in -- and blog. I'm sure everyone else has the same issues.

Have a great week and a fun filled weekend!

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  1. Glad you've had a great week, and congratulations on the car! Hope your weekend is just as fun as your week.